Brand New Turbine Oil Analysis Service

May 12 2020 0Comment

Brand New Turbine Oil Analysis Service

Our Oil Laboratory has added a new turbine oil analysis service to its comprehensive suite of tests to provide clients with a thorough diagnosis of turbine and lubricant health.

Turbines play a vital role in most manufacturing operations, driving electric generators by converting the thermal energy of steam and gas into electrical energy, and they must run around the clock with any unexpected shutdowns resulting in significant downtime costs.

With a lifespan of around 10 to 20 years, it often pays dividends for manufacturers to invest in routine turbine oil analysis to identify potential failures before they occur, keeping turbines free of unwanted contamination, to protect both the turbine and the lubricant.

Our independent oil laboratory provides a thorough turbine oil analysis service to ASTM Standards. Our experienced analysts process samples through our independent oil laboratory to detect detrimental contamination, diagnose potential varnish build-up and make clear recommendations to restore the lubricant to peak condition.

With a single point of contact for all turbine lubrication testing requirements, clients also have access to a full range of reliability solutions, accredited training courses and product portfolio.

Jade Thompson, Laboratory Manager at British Engineering Services Asset Reliability, said: “The lifespan of turbine oil can span over decades, meaning it is critical that routine analysis is carried out on in-service oil to avoid any unwelcome failures related to poor lubrication.

“After seeing a demand for this test type from our existing client base, we invested a five-figure sum of money into new equipment and training to deliver this service in-house, demonstrating our continued commitment to our clients.

“Despite the current Covid 19 pandemic, the laboratory has remained fully operational and we have already received a number of orders for this service.”

Our turbine oil analysis service includes analysis and reporting, fully interpreted results, easy-to-understand recommendations and expert advice and support.

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