Container Weighing System (CWS) Triples Container Weighing Speed for Yilport Ferrol

  • Company: Yilport Ferrol Container Terminal S.A.
  • Industry: Marine
  • Services: Container Weight System (CWS)
  • Location: Ferrol, Spain

The Overview

In July 2019, Yilport Ferrol approached us to accelerate its container weighing process.

The Situation

In response to the latest SOLAS requirements, the Spanish port searched at length for an industry partner that could reduce its weighing time and costs, while maximising asset protection for its customers. Recognising our experience in supporting ports and terminals, Yilport Ferrol chose the load monitoring specialist’s proven Container Weighing System (CWSTM) as part of its commitment to delivering excellent customer service.

The Challenges

Without their own weigh bridge, Yilport Ferrol had to weigh all containers at a facility located offsite. The port contracted an external company to weigh the containers and covered the costs of truck hire to transport them back and forth. This congested Yilport Ferrol’s warehouse, with outbound and inbound containers taking up valuable operational space. The numerous stakeholders and stages involved in the port’s weighing process also added unnecessary variables, increasing overheads while putting its time-bound service targets at risk. Keen to resolve this, Yilport Ferrol made it a business priority to find an alternative solution.

The Solution

Having resolved a similar situation for a Southampton-based container terminal, we supplied and installed CWS TM at Yilport Ferrol. Fully SOLAS compliant, the system delivers EU-type approved, verified gross mass (VGM) with leading accuracy, providing shippers with a seamless service when exporting goods through any port or terminal. With its simple interface, CWS TM’s real-time load monitoring provides immediate insights to ensure safe container weighing, stowage, and transportation.

“From concept to installation, Strainstall’s team were responsive, professional, and reliable throughout our collaboration. Their solution was equally impressive.

Since installation, our container weighing speed has increased three-fold, delivering a faster service for our customers.”

Diogo Pereira de Castro, Director at Yilport Ferrol

The Results

Since removing subcontractors, truck hire and offsite transportation from the equation, Yilport Ferrol has increased its productivity by 300%, accelerating its weighing speed from 4 containers an hour (15 minutes per container) to 12 containers an hour (5 minutes per container). Considering the transformative cost-reduction benefits of this, the port predicts that CWS TM will have a quick one year return on investment. With its streamlined weighing process, Yilport Ferrol also reported that it is now able to offer a faster service for its customers than its competitors.

Impressed with the results of CWS TM – as well as with the supplier’s professional and hands-on approach – Yilport Ferrol have expressed that they will promote the system internally and are keen to collaborate with us in the future.