SmartLoad 2Ex® Load Monitoring Installed Onto Offshore Spider Crane Application for TSC Ansell Jones

  • Company: Ansel Jones
  • Industry: Marine
  • Services: SmartLoad

The Overview

Ansell Jones, lifting and mooring equipment specialist, approached Scotload to support its requirement to convert spider cranes for an offshore Zone 2 working environment.

The Solution

Scotload provided its innovative SmartLoad 2Ex® load monitoring technology, delivering highly accurate load measurement of the cranes’ lifting operations maximum safety and efficiency.

Ansell Jones had a request to convert a spider crane for Zone 2 requirements for a North Sea offshore platform, Cygnus, for operator GDF SUEZ E&P UK Ltd. Typically, offshore lifting operations need scaffolding and winches, but the spider crane’s manoeuvrability will enable lifting operations to be performed quickly, safely and efficiently at multiple locations on the platform. The conversion of the spider cranes for offshore Zone 2 rated use is an industry first, but Ansell Jones expects significant interest due to its convenience and its ability to be deployed safely and quickly, significantly increasing operational efficiency and reduced costs.

The Results

Scotload supported Ansell Jones in the conversion to Zone 2 rating, delivering its innovative wireless load monitoring technology fully certified to ATEX and IECEx certifications to EN/IEC 60079 standards. Ansell Jones removed all electrical components of the crane, replacing with compressor based counterparts in order to meet the requirements for ATEX Zone 2. As part of this process, the SmartLoad 2Ex® system has been installed as an integral part of the crane, delivering a safety critical lifting monitoring capability to enhance the safety and efficiency of the cranes’ offshore operations.

Vinay Mistry, project manager at Ansell Jones explains:

“We approached Scotload based on our previous experience and the company’s extensive track record in load measurement - it was an easy decision to make. GDF was very happy with our pneumatically driven spider crane conversion and we think this mobile crane solution, now certified for Zone 2 hazardous areas, could have a significant impact on offshore lifting operations and ultimately reduce costs for operators.”