Snack Production Facility

  • Industry: Process & Manufacturing
  • Services: Fan Balancing, Route-based VA, Cloud-based Reporting
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Cost-Saving: Prevented unplanned downtime

The Overview

We detected an imbalance with machine through regular vibration analysis.

The Situation

We provide routine bimonthly vibration analysis at a large snack production facility in the UK. As a Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) manufacturer, the early detection of failures is critical to keep production moving and to comply with strict regulations of the industry.

The Challenges

While performing route-based data collection, our attending engineer identified that a recycle fan was displaying characteristics of an out of balance machine. A dominant x1 running speed frequency was present but there were no visual defects, e.g. loose cowling. 

The Solution

After detailed analysis of the data, the engineer advised that the fan would require balancing at the next available opportunity that suited production demands. 

Originally, it was thought that a build-up of product was causing the machine to be out of balance, but after thoroughly cleaning the fan the high vibration levels remained. 

The site maintenance team instructed our engineers to balance the fan during a scheduled maintenance period.

The Results

The balancing procedure required three separate trial weight and test runs to get the levels to an acceptable standard.

Before balancing, the overall vibration level was over 5mm/s with the highest been approximately 8.5mm/s across the fan. 

Figure 1: Vibration data readings returning to normal levels after balance

The completed balance showed operating levels of approximately 2.5mm/s across the unit - see figure 1. These levels have remained at an acceptable standard on future visits.

Many food and beverage companies are turning to condition-based maintenance to detect impending faults in machines early, enabling maintenance to be scheduled and significantly reducing the likelihood of an unplanned shutdown.

Figure 2: We support many FMCG clients