What is In-situ Fan Balancing?

March 22 2022 0Comment
In-situ Balancing Service

What is In-situ Fan Balancing?

In-situ Fan balancing is a procedure that enables the correction of unbalance in rotating equipment, whilst the machine is in its working environment.

Why would you perform In-situ Fan Balancing?

Along with misalignment, unbalance causes more premature and catastrophic failures in rotating machinery than any other fault.

Benefits of In-situ Fan Balancing

  • Eliminates the requirements to completely dismantle and reassemble plant equipment to enable balancing of machine components
  • Improves product quality
  • Reduces downtime, labour and material costs
  • Can be planned into scheduled short time outages e.g. machine mould or process changes
  • Extends bearing and machine life
  • Reduces the possibility of catastrophic failures
  • Increases safety

In-situ Fan Balancing vs Machine Fan Balancing

It is common practice to remove a rotating element from a machine for machine balancing. Occasionally this may yield poor, even worse than original, unbalance vibration. This does not necessarily mean the rotor has been incorrectly balanced; it may simply be caused by the differences between test stand and operating conditions.

A shop balancing machine will have different bearings, stiffness and structural response, therefore machine balancing cannot duplicate the actual machine “system” and it’s response. For these reasons, including time, cost and convenience, the in-situ balance method is often the preferred option.

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