What Are the Three Areas of Oil Sampling?

April 26 2022 0Comment
Oil Sampling

What Are the Three Areas of Oil Sampling?

Oil sampling results are broken down in to three areas:


By evaluation the chemical composition of the lubricant, our laboratory can monitor the suitability of the lubricant for the asset and its environment. The chemistry results also allow us to QC check the lubrication and evaluate any degradation or contamination.


Contamination can ingress from the environment or be internally generated. There are many forms of contamination such as air, water, particles all of which must be monitored and reduced to improve the reliability of you lubricant and asset.


The wear levels are monitored to ensure any failures or faults are picked up as soon as possible. We can analyse a range of wear parameters from concentration to morphology to ensure the correct maintenance actions are recommended.

Our laboratory technicians combine all three aspects of the result to provide you with one simple comment giving you a diagnosis and recommendations.

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