Emerson CSI 555 Vibration Strobe Light

The Emerson CSI 555 Vibration Strobe Light allows for phase measurement without stopping the machine to install reflective tape. Built for rugged and portable applications, the CSI 555 provides accurate results and can be operated anywhere in the plant.


Flash rates from 30 to 50,000 flashes per minute, adjustable in 1 FPM increments. The all digital, crystal controlled microprocessor keeps readings rock steady. Selectable tracking filter allows for solid phase reading. Individual in and output TTL jacks provide signal to the CSI 2130 from accelerometer. Relative Phase Adjustment is user selectable, allowing reference mark to be positioned at a convenient visual location. Backlit alphanumeric LCD display shows flash rate in flashes per minute. Through freeze motion, operations and maintenance personnel can visually inspect high-speed rotating machinery with no stoppage to production. The Filter Bandwidth Selector provides the ability to optimize the signal in the tracking mode, while the Relative Phase Adjustment allows for position of the reference mark. Unique “Tracking Filter” maintains phase lock to input pulse.The self-contained CSI 555 weighs only 1.9 lbs (0.852 kg) and is battery-powered, making it easy to hold or mount on a tripod. The Xenon lamp ensures the CSI 555 is bright enough for use in fully-lighted areas. The Emerson CSI 555 Vibration Strobe Light is uniquely designed to provide precise, instantaneous synchronization with the CSI 2130 for speed and phase information.A vibration transducer provides the vibration signal to the Emerson CSI 555 and Emerson CSI 2130 through an interconnect cable. The Emerson CSI 555 Vibration Strobe Light then provides the phase referenced tachometer signal (output), which is used as an input to the CSI 2130 for triggering. This capability makes the Emerson CSI 555 Vibration Strobe Light different from general purpose strobe lights. We don’t just sell products, we offer a fully comprehensive service to compliment your maintenance program. Please contact us to find out more.

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