Hofmann AB9000

Active balancing involves measuring vibration and correcting unbalance during rotation of a part. This means that balancing occurs without the need to interrupt operation! With Hofmann’s active balancing systems, the availability of machines and equipment is significantly increased, maintenance intervals are extended, and production failures and downtimes are largely avoided. Typical applications are: - Fans in process industry - Grinding machines, millturn applications, high-speed cutting systems - Centrifuges, separators, compressors, pumps - Printing rolls, laser engraving systems


AB 9000 type active balancing systems are fast, precise, versatile and easy to upgrade. Special features

  • Fully automatic balancing of systems (e.g. fans, grinding, milling and turning spindles, centrifuges) in one or two planes during operation; no machine shutdown
  • Real-time monitoring of unbalance vibrations
  • Simple integration, including upgrades, due to ring design
  • Balancing at high rotational speeds in very short time by fast electro-magnetic actuator and adaptive balancing procedures
  • Non-contact, wear-free transmission of drive power for the actuator that positions the balancing rotors
  • Pre-balancing software for manual correction of basic unbalance
  • Neutralizing of balancing rotors
  • Display of remaining balancing capacity
  • ProfiBus / ProfNet certified
  • Windows-based operating software; also available for common machine controls
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  • ISOQAR Alcumus
  • ABS
  • Achilles
  • SafeContractor Approved
  • Lloyd's Register
  • Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme Verified