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Profiler Tech is based in Christchurch New Zealand, incorporated in 2014 following the acquisition of Commtest Instrument Limited of US-based industrials conglomerate General Electric (GE). The Shareholders and employees of Profiler Tech are past employees of Commtest Instruments Limited.

Profiler Tech delivers hardware and software solutions to industry, which includes the development of MMS7000 Profiler industrial mobile device and app, with associated EVOsoft desktop data analysis software suite, replacing the long-standing Commtest MMS6000 solution.

Profiler Tech distributes through its global network of channel partners as well as providing repair and calibration services for its MMS range and are an Authorized GE Service Centre for vbSeries and SCOUT vibration analyser products.

Profiler Tech’s vision is to provide hardware monitoring systems and sensors that allows the collection of diagnostic data for analysis and combining this advanced hardware with intelligent software we offer world class monitoring solutions.

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Profiler Tech MMS7000 Profiler

Precision Surface Measurement of Commutators and Slip Rings

Profiler Tech draws on over 20 years’ experience and proven success in design and manufacture of profiling systems to deliver the next generation of Profiler. The MMS7000 is a rugged lightweight and user friendly industrial PDA utilising touch screen technology.

All industrial electrical motors experience Commutator and Slip Ring wear. There are many contributing factors; wear can occur from mechanical abrasion and electrical erosion at the brush face. As a result this wear contributes to the surface becoming out of round.

When ovality increases beyond normal levels, it may perpetuate surface wear and electrical erosion due to brush arcing. Wear rates of commutators and Slip Rings must be kept within acceptable limits to guarantee the performance of the motor.

The MMS7000 Profiler delivers accurate information regarding the surface condition, signaling the need for further investigation of underlying causes or for immediate maintenance action.


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