Profiler Tech MMS7000 Profiler

Precision Surface Measurement of Commutators and Slip Rings Profiler Tech draws on over 20 years’ experience and proven success in design and manufacture of profiling systems to deliver the next generation of Profiler. The MMS7000 is a rugged lightweight and user friendly industrial PDA utilising touch screen technology. All industrial electrical motors experience Commutator and Slip Ring wear. There are many contributing factors; wear can occur from mechanical abrasion and electrical erosion at the brush face. As a result this wear contributes to the surface becoming out of round. When ovality increases beyond normal levels, it may perpetuate surface wear and electrical erosion due to brush arcing. Wear rates of commutators and Slip Rings must be kept within acceptable limits to guarantee the performance of the motor. The MMS7000 Profiler delivers accurate information regarding the surface condition, signaling the need for further investigation of underlying causes or for immediate maintenance action.


The Profiler7000 Application allows for simple set-up, user interface and provides an accurate digital display of the Commutator or Slip Ring run-out. Easily position the Sensor using the Numeric Displacement readout and associated bar graph indicator. Live measurements can be displayed as a digital value or as a Shape Plot of the profile. EVOsoft Analysis software is a flexible Windows based application. Its data analysis capabilities and interactive charting provides the analyst with a powerful tool for analysing change in surface condition and for reporting. Shape plots identify the MBTB and average displacement value of the profile. Radial plots show the overall shape of the profile. Overlay and align previous profiles to determine wear rates. EVOsoft supports importing of existing profile recordings from the Commtest MAS Databases. Kit Includes:

  1. MMS7000
  2. Sensor & Clamp
  3. Carry Case
  4. Power Adapter
  5. USB Cable
  6. Sensor Sleeve
  7. Sensor Spacer Set
  8. EVOsoft Analysis software
  9. Quick Reference Guide
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