Built to support your asset management objectives we developed an end-to-end internet of things (IoT) platform, SAMS™, and digital services to provide the solutions needed for actionable information for asset management.

Digital Platform

SAMS™ is an award-winning software platform designed to support owners and asset management engineers in the everyday management of infrastructure.  Built to handle the scale of data collected on some of the world’s largest structures, it provides the advanced analytical capabilities needed to turn large volumes of data into useful information, enabling users to make proactive, data-led decisions to reduce their costs and manage risk.  SAMS™ is supporting the deployment of smart infrastructure and digital twins across a range of structures – both old and new.

Reducing data silos

A single source of information for all of your monitoring data though the integration of multiple data sources that can then be displayed in a single, interactive user interface.

Data-led engineering decision

All of the data can be secured in on-premises servers, in our enterprise cloud, or in a hybrid, so it is always available to deliver critical insights for all stakeholders.

Reduce costs

Real-time data on asset behaviour optimises condition-based and predictive maintenance, minimises disruptions while postponing interventions.

Improve management of risk

Get a clearer picture of your assets’ behaviour with key parameter dashboards, automatic reports, and real-time alarms.



    How it works

    Acquisition and integration

    • Connects to the data loggers and acquisition systems
    • Import other data sources via CSV or FTP.
    • Integrate data from 3rd party sources such as SCADA OPC-UA
    • Variable sampling frequencies up to 1000Hz or greater
    • Edge processing for data processing on site

    Processing and automation

    • Engineering unit conversion
    • Routine processing such as summary stats, FFT & rainflow counting, data binning
    • Threshold alarms and events, as well as email and SMS notifications
    • Automatic reports and interactive outputs

    Analysis and visualisation

    • Unlimited users
    • Key parameter and custom dashboards
    • Custom diagrams and GIS displays
    • Advanced graphing and correlations analysis
    • Data downloads

    Digital Services

    To support our asset managers during the life cycle of their assets, we also provide specialist digital services with our software platform to help them get the most out of any monitoring system.

    • System configuration As part of a new insulation or the upgrade of an existing monitoring system.
    • Development of dashboards To help visualise quickly the data that is most important to you
    • Development of advanced automatic reports For creating advanced structural health reports for the most complex assets
    • Daily and weekly system functionality and data validity checks Peace of mind that there are eyes on your data
    • Periodic system reports and comments Updates on how your system and asset is behaving
    • Development of advanced data processing Creation of functions on site or on cloud for repetitive algorithms, reducing the analysis workload of the user


    Load Cells

    Load Pins

    Compression Load Cells

    Low Profile Compression Load Cells


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