Our people have experience across engineering sectors, from chemical to mechanical and everything in between. This means that our customers have access to the very best industry advice, information, and expertise. Rest assured, our structural monitoring expertise and knowledge will make sure that you’ll receive the best value solution for your requirements each and every time.

We’re the experts when it comes to supplying bespoke monitoring technologies that deliver accurate information that can then be used to monitor structures, whether that’s short-term projects or permanent installations.

We’re completely independent. This means we’re not aligned with sensor manufacturers and can provide unbiased advice on technology options for any requirement. We have the know-how to integrate data acquisition units and sensors into any system to make sure we supply the right information.

With data sampling rates of 1000s of samples per second, we are fully prepared to provide short-term and long-term dynamic monitoring systems.

Solutions include:

  • Dead load and creep during construction (tall buildings, bridges)
  • Dynamic testing of industrial plant
  • Sensitive monitoring of heritage structures
  • Testing of barriers and concrete slabs
  • Measurement of dead loads and stresses in structures
  • Load testing
  • Bridge bearing renewal monitoring
  • Prop load monitoring
  • Structural load path changes during alterations
  • Structural health monitoring systems
Structural Monitoring



    Our team have the skills to design, implement, and operate monitoring systems across a vast range of purposes.

    Our bespoke data platform SAMS™ draws on extensive data pulled from multiple sources, which it then uses to conduct in-depth analytics, present easy-to-understand reports, and provide interactive user-friendly interfaces.

    Structural monitoring is becoming increasingly popular for its benefits when used in the Asset Management process. It not only helps to quantify responses to applied loading, but it also helps to detect changes. This means it can be used for either short-term projects or permanent installations.

    We’re proud to provide structural monitoring systems and services to a wide range of customers from many varied sectors.

    Structural health monitoring is increasingly important for effective bridge asset management and can help with anything from operational purposes to long-term maintenance scheduling and everything in between.

    Types of Structures:

    We have years of experience in the UK, and this means we can provide a comprehensive monitoring service to contractors and owners of high-rise buildings.

    We understand that construction and operation are the two main phases of the monitoring regime. Strain gauges are fitted to load-carrying elements (columns and shear walls) and monitor the accumulation of dead load and creep during the building’s construction.

    Whilst in operation, the main concerns will be the way that the building responds to wind loading and, in particular areas, seismic loading. Anemometers and accelerometers are typical monitoring systems in measuring the magnitude of any movements and the response mode shapes. It is essential to understand the inter-storey drift. This can be determined from the data gathered from the dynamic sensors which can also be merged with measurements of static positioning.

    Preventing fatigue damage can be difficult, especially when processing plants and factory equipment’s supporting structures can experience abnormal loading and vibrations. As part of our service, we conduct short-term monitoring of strain and vibration measurements to see dynamic responses. With this service, we can mitigate hydraulic plant starting and stopping, which can potentially have a huge impact in reducing any fatigue damage.

    We support the monitoring requirements of cathedrals and ancient monument owners by collaborating with them to check for ongoing deterioration, which can include cracking and settlement.

    Our structural monitoring services include:

    Assurance and Compliance Testing

    Assurance and Compliance Testing

    Bridge Residual Stress Testing

    Bridge Residual Stress Testing

    Load Testing

    Load Testing

    Temporary Works Monitoring

    Temporary Works Monitoring


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