Triple R

TRIPLE R is a leading manufacturer of oil filtration systems that are designed to ensure the highest level of machine reliability and availability. To achieve this, the company has created a unique filter design that transforms traditional oil filtration into a comprehensive, 3-in-1 solution for total oil cleaning.

With its ability to effectively remove sold particles, dirt and wear particles, varnish, and water, this filtration concept significantly extends oil life and reduces maintenance costs and production downtime by up to 80%.

TRIPLE R’s filtration systems are the ideal tool for reaching your “Total Productive Maintenance” goals, while also supporting your company’s sustainability initiatives. Discover how TRIPLE R’s advanced oil filtration technology provides you with a powerful tool to reduce your carbon footprint by extending oil life and minimizing oil changes.

Triple R

Product Range

Triple R – Offline Oil Cleaner

The SE Series manufactured by Triple R Oil Cleaner – TRIS have been designed to purify and keep oil perfectly clean for applications with a system volume of approximately 6000 litres. The system ensures effective removal of all dirt particles, condensation and oxidation products (varnish) that cannot be removed with conventional filters.


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