UE Systems Ultratrak 850S

The 850s is a modern ultrasound sensor and transmitter with state-of-the-art onboard data processing designed to detect early onset failures in industrial equipment. BR> The 850s works in tandem with existing plant automation and measurement applications, providing the hardware required to detect changes in ultrasonic amplitude resulting from the degradation of equipment. The 850s can be used for a wide-range of applications, including: ultrasound condition based lubrication, bearing fault detection, valve leakage and steam trap issues with your existing measurement systems.


The 850s is ready to guard against unplanned downtime and product loss the minute it is installed. The device passively senses ultrasounds produced by mechanical equipment in the form of friction, impacting, and turbulence and processes the level of decibel into an analog signal to work seamlessly with existing PLC’s, SCADA, DCS and other automation systems. This, in turn, supports real-time data trending and alerting, making it possible to detect and address important issues earlier and faster. The 850s also employs Edge Analytics – allowing for in-device data processing, less reliance on cloud computing, and the ability to act on information in real-time. We don’t just sell products, we offer a fully comprehensive service to compliment your maintenance program. Please contact us to find out more.

Power Supply Voltage 23 VDC to 26 VDC
Power Supply Current Draw 30mA DC Max, Typical
Current Output Type Milliamp DC, Demodulated/ Heterodyned
Current Output Compliance Voltage 3.3 VDC
Current Output Response Linear, Proportional to 0 dB to 100 dB of Change in Detected Ultrasonic Signal
Current Output Range 0.500 mA DC to 16.280 mA DC @ 0.158 mA/dB of Change in Detected Ultrasonic Signal, Typical
dB Output Transfer Function dB Output = + 6.321 x (Current Output Reading), mA DC - 2.917 dB
Current Output Accuracy Less Than ±1 dB of Reading, Typical
Ambient Operating Temperature Range Standard Range = -20 °C to +60 °C, Extended Range = -30 °C to +80 °C (Requires High Temperature Cable)
Δ Current Output (Temperature) +2 dB @ - 20 °C, -2 dB @ +60 °C, Typical. +3 dB @ -30 °C, -4 dB @ +80 °C, Typical
Sensitivity Adjustment Automatic, Thru the 0 dB to 100 dB Output Range
Connection Cable 3 Wire with Shield, Removable
Cable lengths Different Lengths Available
Cable/Housing Connector Harsh Environment, Meets or Exceeds IP67 and NEMA 6P
Cable/Housing Shielding RF
Housing Stainless Steel, Water Resistant and Dust Proof, Meets or Exceeds IP67 and NEMA 6P
Transducer Piezoelectric
Method of Attachment 10/32 Mounting Hole
Firmware Upgradable

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  • ISOQAR Alcumus
  • ABS
  • Achilles
  • SafeContractor Approved
  • Lloyd's Register
  • Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme Verified