Your results and recommendations, available anywhere

Asset Insight 365 is our very own cloud-based reporting platform that includes analytical support and remote access via your browser to all of your asset’s data




Key Features

  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Multiple KPI’s and management information to aid in the program and general reliability management
  • Cloud based – no software installation required
  • Single platform for the analysis and reporting display of all CBM technologies from multiple manufacturers
  • Full historical analysis data storage for each asset
  • Fully automated updates
  • Documentation store for manuals, historical investigation reports and key asset information
  • Secure protected data with backups
  • Access during the active remote analysis period
  • Fully owned and developed by us

Multiple technology dashboards to highlight current asset or fleet or site group status based on the deployed analytical technologies

Bulletin board for key information updates from British Engineering Services Asset Reliabilty or internal client information e.g. fleet updates, new features, outage information etc

Asset Insight 365 Samples
Asset Insight 365 Samples

Alarm status colour codes for each level of the database hierarchy focusing attention on areas and technologies in alert

Combined asset status view including all technologies – Oil Analysis, Vibration Analysis, Thermography, Visual Inspection

Program adherence measures  where samples or data collected in line with the schedule

Overview reporting executive summary style reporting detailing the detected issues and their recommended resolutions

Asset Insight 365 Samples
Asset Insight 365 Samples

Automated CBM Management reporting detailing key patterns within fault detection, fault repetition instances aiding focus on proactive maintenance improvement

Interactive views for oil analysis results detailing all previous reports and any feedback following remedial action (where provided)

And much more

Standardised exception reporting with full details and fault diagnosis with clear and concise recommendations for investigation or repair

Standardised history reporting with interactive hyperlinks to review full exception reports

Key historical analytical information available including previous recommendations and feedback logs (where provided)

Overdue machinery listings where are the risks due to lack of awareness of asset condition due to lack of data and samples