For most manufacturers, unscheduled downtime caused by unexpected failures on rotating equipment is the biggest cause of lost production time. The single loss of one piece of machinery can bring production to a halt, resulting in a significant impact on an organisation’s profitability, productivity and, ultimately, the bottom-line. Utopia for maintenance personnel would be to safeguard every asset by monitoring them 24/7, but if your budget can’t stretch to this, how do you decide which assets to monitor? We can work with you to provide Condition Monitoring solutions to help you assess the condition of your assets.


Bespoke multi-technology application to suit your needs.


Using decades of gathered by our expert engineers we can give you data and experience driven solutions.


Key part of an effective blended maintenance management approach.

Are you experiencing any of these problems?

  • Unknown vibration
  • Unknown noise
  • Unexplained high temps
  • Unexplained inefficiencies
  • Unexplained production issues
  • Product quality issues


We identify the most effective condition monitoring system to suit your budget, goals and requirements.

We are able to offer you the most cost-effective solutions, which include hand-held portable data collectors, wireless sensors and permanently mounted online monitoring systems.

Our multi-tech surveys and condition monitoring services ensure that you concentrate resources on machines that actually need repair, not the healthy ones.

Tools & Technologies

Vibration Analysis

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Ultrasonic Testing

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Video Deflection & ODS

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