At BES Group Asset Reliability, we provide advanced vibration analysis services to help you effectively monitor the condition of your industrial equipment. Vibration analysis is a powerful tool that allows us to detect early signs of machinery defects, diagnose underlying issues, and implement targeted maintenance strategies. With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we can help you optimise equipment performance, prevent unexpected failures, and improve overall operational efficiency.

What faults can be detected by correct application of vibration analysis techniques?

  • Unbalance
  • Looseness
  • Misalignment
  • Lubrication deficiencies
  • Rolling element bearing deterioration
  • Sleeve/plane/white metal bearing defects
  • Gearbox defects
  • Pump defects
  • Fan defects
  • Structural defects
  • Resonance
  • Improper installation
  • Electrically induced vibration faults
  • And much more…


    What is Vibration Analysis?

    Vibration analysis is a key component of a condition monitoring programme and is most commonly used to detect faults, such as unbalance, misalignment, rolling element bearing faults and resonance conditions in rotating machines like fans, motors, pumps and gearboxes etc. Vibration data can be collected using handheld data collectors, permanently fixed online monitoring systems for real-time monitoring or via wireless vibration and temperature sensors.

    What are the Benefits of Vibration Analysis?

    Vibration analysis offers several key benefits when it comes to the condition monitoring of your equipment:

    Increased Equipment Lifespan: Effective vibration analysis allows you to address potential machinery defects promptly, minimising wear and tear. By extending the lifespan of critical components and avoiding premature failures, you can maximise the return on investment in your equipment.

    Early Detection of Machinery Defects: By analysing the vibration patterns of your equipment, we can identify early signs of defects such as misalignment, imbalance, bearing wear, or resonance. Detecting these issues at an early stage enables proactive maintenance, preventing catastrophic failures and minimising downtime.

    Improved Equipment Reliability: Regular vibration analysis helps you monitor the health of your equipment, allowing for proactive interventions before failures occur. By addressing underlying issues promptly, you can enhance equipment reliability, reduce unplanned downtime, and optimise production schedules.

    Cost-effective Maintenance Strategies: By accurately pinpointing the root causes of vibration abnormalities, our analysis enables targeted maintenance actions. This precision helps you optimise maintenance resources, reduce unnecessary repairs, and lower overall maintenance costs.

    Our Comprehensive Vibration Analysis Service

    • Proven Service: We provide vibration analysis services across all major sectors and industries, national maintenance companies and OEM’s.
    • Experienced Engineers: Our team of specialist engineers are the leaders in the field of vibration analysis with the qualifications, skills, and expertise to show for it. All our engineers and technicians hold the necessary, “in-date” certifications and accreditations, that shows our commitment to maintaining the highest industry standards.
    • Global Reach: We carry out vibration data collection throughout the UK, overseas and offshore.

    Our vibration analysis services cover a comprehensive range of equipment and industry sectors:

    • Vibration Data Collection: Our skilled reliability engineers use specialised sensors and data acquisition equipment to collect vibration data from your machinery. We ensure precise measurements and capture data from various critical points on the equipment.
    • Data Analysis and Interpretation: Our Remote Diagnostics Team utilises advanced software and analytical tools to analyse the collected data. We assess vibration frequencies, amplitudes, waveforms, and other parameters to identify potential defects or abnormalities accurately.
    • Fault Diagnosis and Reporting: Through detailed analysis, we diagnose the root causes of vibration anomalies and generate comprehensive reports. Our reports provide actionable recommendations, enabling you to prioritise and plan maintenance activities effectively.
    • Long-term Trend Monitoring: We offer ongoing vibration monitoring services to track equipment performance trends over time. By comparing current data with historical records, we identify any deviations, enabling proactive maintenance and early detection of potential issues.

    Our Solutions

    • Audits: We will assess your plant and give recommendations and requirements.
    • Commissioning: We can provide a full vibration monitoring report prior to plant handover and acceptance.
    • Vibration Monitoring Service: We can carry out routine data collection, analysis and reporting for you.
    • Remote Vibration Analysis: You collect the data, and we will analyse it and report back our findings.
    • Troubleshooting: We can offer diagnosis and analysis of machine vibration problems with reporting and recommendations.
    • In-House Systems: We can assist you in the best way to setup and maintain your own in-house vibration monitoring program.
    • System and CBM Programme Set Up: If you have existing or new systems or technologies we can assess its capabilities, ensure the correct application, setup and commission, place recommendations for integration of data and systems and train personnel in its use.  Where gaps are identified, we can then assist with the solution to plug those gaps.
    • In-Situ Balancing: We can balance machinery in-situ without major disruption to operations.
    • Seismic Monitoring: We can monitor for undesirable or excessive vibration during demolition/ construction etc.
    • HAVs Tool Inspections: We test your hand tools and report back on safe usage durations for your employees.

    Case Studies

    FP McCann

    We supplied and installed a Ronds wireless system on four bullet skips. An alarm threshold was triggered on a drive gearbox. On further inspection the drive chain tensioner had snapped. The quick reaction prevented a catastrophic failure, resulting in cost savings of £120,000. READ MORE

    LKAB Minerals

    A site visit revealed imbalance on a main attritor rotor, with the main three tonne rotor confirmed as been out of balance. It was recommend that all wear plates be replaced equally across the plate circumference and that the five free-spinning hammers be inspected for signs of wear and free movement. This resolved the balancing issue, saving the client £4,800 in lost production costs. READ MORE


    Our engineers detected a bearing fault on an input shaft to the thruster. The bearing was deteriorating over time and it was recommended that it should be replaced during a scheduled port call. The cost of replacing in-situ bearing compared to overhauling the thruster unit equaited to savings of £295,000. READ MORE