A two-stroke diesel engine is arguably the most valuable asset on a vessel. That is why it is vital that it always performs at its best, especially while at sea in unpredictable conditions and harsh environments. Mechanical wear, cold corrosion and under/over lubrication can cause significant damage to the combustion section of an engine, resulting in substantial engine maintenance costs and even catastrophic engine failure.

But how do you detect issues before they become big problems?

Stopping the engine or performing a major inspection and intervention to the cylinders, pistons and cylinder head arrangements is not an option. A non-invasive method is required to gauge the health of the cylinders and pistons inside the engine. This is where Cylinder Oil Drain Analysis is the perfect solution.

Set Sail For Reliability At Sea

Cylinder Oil Drain Analysis (CODA), also known as Scrape Down Analysis (SDA), provides detailed information on the engine’s condition. By sampling and analysing your cylinder oil from your two-stroke diesel engine, it is possible to detect unwanted contamination, determine oxidation levels, and highlight degradation issues.

CODA works alongside regular inspections to evaluate cylinder and piston health, as well as lubricant condition and feed rates. It is a key preventative maintenance tool to provide early warning signs to chief engineers.

Why should you perform cylinder oil drain analysis?

  • Extend times between overhauls
  • Reduce cylinder oil consumption
  • Identify issues with lubricant feed rates
  • Diagnose corrosion and excess soot
  • Detect contamination in lubricant
  • Optimise the cylinder oil feed rate

Testing tailored to your vessel's needs

All our tests comply with ASTM or ISO standards. We provide standard and advanced CODA testing, but we also offer a bespoke testing solution where required.

Our test suites include gearbox, hydraulic, engine, grease, fuel, coolant, chiller, compressor, transformer, turbine and much more.

Get fast, actionable results

We understand how important it is for vessel operators to get fast results. It’s critical that for marine engineers that engine performance and lubrication issues are identified early before they become costly problems.

Our CODA samples are processed swiftly, within 1-3 business days from receipt of sample. Our reports aim to help on-board engineers easily understand the condition of their engine’s performance to make time-critical decisions.


UK-based laboratory operating to ISO 9001:2015 standards


1-3 business days turnaround from receipt of sample


Pre-paid sample return service included in oil analysis kit


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