Strainstall load shackles provide valuable data for Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd

November 30 2021 0Comment
Load Shackles

Strainstall load shackles provide valuable data for Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd

Published Date: Date 30 Nov 2021 

Strainstall chosen to provide load monitoring solution for Sustainable Marine Energy’s PLAT-I floating tidal energy platform project 

Strainstall has recently been selected to provide two of its precision engineered, highly accurate load shackles to help inform and increase the survivability and reliability of a floating tidal energy converter (TEC) platform for marine engineering company, Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd (SME). 

Following installation of the PLAT-I platform by SME, instrumentation and data gathering is being carried out as part of a project called ‘Survivability and Reliability of Floating Tidal Energy Converters’ (SURFTEC) in partnership with Swansea University. PLAT-I is an integrated, surface floating tidal platform which hosts four SCHOTTEL SIT250 turbines. 

Strainstall’s load shackles will be installed on the PLAT-I tidal energy platform to provide data supporting future development and to refine operational strategy. The project aims to provide better understanding of the effects of extreme conditions and fatigue loads on TECs and SME required a method of monitoring the fatigue loads exerted on the platform and the turbines. 

Dr. Nick Cresswell, mechanical design engineer at Sustainable Marine Energy Ltd. said; 

“One of Strainstall’s shackles is being put through its paces as we speak. The platform was installed last week with the shackle attached to the mooring turret. So far we have been getting some good data out which will allow us to verify the loading.” 

The data gathered from Strainstall’s robust load shackles will be vital in demonstrating the reliability and sustainability of floating platform tidal turbine devices as a consistent and predictable source of renewable energy. The load monitoring data will also help to inform future developments to maximise TEC device lifespan, ultimately providing full confidence in the development and ongoing performance of tidal energy array installations in challenging environments. 

Strainstall’s load shackles presented an ideal solution for SME’s monitoring requirements as the robust design is specifically built to withstand the demands of challenging offshore environments while continuously delivering highly accurate load monitoring data. Data monitoring at the Connel site is planned to be carried out into 2019. 

Simon Everett, managing director at Strainstall commented: 

“It is an exciting opportunity for Strainstall to be asked to supply load monitoring shackles to the SME PLAT-I project. Tidal energy is a developing industry and Strainstall’s products and marine experience make us perfectly suited to support tidal energy development companies.”