PCMS and Radicon staff brave fire, ice and mud to become Total Warriors

June 26 2017 0Comment

PCMS and Radicon staff brave fire, ice and mud to become Total Warriors

Putting their partnership into real-life practice, PCMS Engineering and Radicon knocked their teamwork up a gear by tackling the gruelling Total Warrior course in Leeds on Saturday 25th June.

While PCMS engineers might be more familiar with testing and assessing the condition of Radicon’s innovative, high quality gearbox systems, the team of 24 staff tested their own health, performance and strength during the brutal 12km assault course made up of 30 punishing obstacles.

The condition monitoring specialists, PCMS joined up with Radicon to evaluate the course and came up with a reliable strategy to prevent failure – don’t get stuck in the mud!

Measuring up against the competition, the team worked together to battle over 100 tonnes of mud and ten tonnes of ice.

Navigating the strenuous course, the team also faced the 15ft high Peaks of Pain, took a leap of faith over the Human BBQ fire pit, got a Shocker through hundreds of electric wires, and scaled sideways across a 20ft wide wall suspended over ice cold water.

After over two hours of hard work and effort, the team slid to victory along the 120ft water slide, with a cold beer waiting at the other end for them.

Barry Graham, General Manager at PCMS, said: “This was the first time we have done the Total Warrior event and we decided to team up with our partners, Radicon, to take on the challenge.

“Wading through mud pits, crawling under barbed wire and leaping hurdles of fire is unlike anything any of us have done before, but everyone worked together to push each other over the finishing line.

“The camaraderie between the teams was fantastic and it was a great effort by everyone involved. The planning for next year’s team building event has already started.”

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